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Hey Redditors! Glad to have found this group, I’ve been working through ancestry documents and came across a document that potentially has a lot of info on an old Grandmother from early 1900’s or earlier. She may be the “#45” listed on the document. I know this is asking for a bit, but it would help me learn more about my family if anyone has the time and energy to spend assisting. I would be very grateful for it!

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  2. It says that on May 21, 1891 at 2 pm, a girl was born to Jozef Jurek, aged 50, a minister living in Borowizna, and his wife Teklia, nee Mumyn’ska, aged 28. The baby girl was christened Marcyanna on May 22.

    I can transcribe all of it in Russian later, in a few hours.

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