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Is this legible. I just made it up.

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  1. A++ for effort 🙂 (sorry, I know, nobody asked me to grade this)

    A couple of thing:

    1. You’re using the new (post-revolutionary) orthography, but no royalist would ever come near it, it was beneath them,
    2. A few silly spelling mistakes («дАрогая», for example)
    3. The first sentence is incorrect. A) Я был очень расстроен — I WAS very upset when I heard. B) You can’t hear an event, you can hear about an event, so «услышав О смерти».
    4. The handwriting is mostly legible, but for me as a native speaker it leaves a weird impression — you’re using simplified / streamlined versions of the glyphs, as would do a person who writes a lot. But the overall shape of the lines, the inconsistency in the letter heights, widths and positions indicate that you don’t write a lot (I could’ve probably guessed from «I made it up» in the title ). So if feel a bit confusing.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to discourage you at all, but when you see a serious effort, you tend to treat it accordingly.

  2. Very hard to read, mostly guesswork rather than reading. Lowercase д and а need to be closed on top, your uppercase Б looks like uppercase Г.
    Lowcase в needs to be taller, ж needs to be shorter and curlier, ц’s tail is too long, lowercase и looks like uppercase.
    Letter hight in general is extremely inconsistent. You need to have two heights, basically: lower and upper case, with only lowercase в, б, and possibly the tops of р and ф going to the same uppercase height. The rest of them need to be shorter, including lowercase к. Yours looks like uppercase.
    Under the line, you need to have long tails for у, р, ф and much shorter tails for ц and щ.

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