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How to compliment a Russian girl

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  1. I would be creeped out by most of these tbh, especially if it’s a man I don’t know. Only 7 is okay, because it’s the most neutral and non-sexual. But the general attitude towards Russian women is often like that, lmao, so no cultural clash there, haha.

  2. (You smell great)
    [Ты вкусно пахнешь] звучит крипово, лучше уж [ От тебя вкусно пахнет (духами, шампунем и т.д.)]

  3. Did a foreigner write this? Because 6, 8, 10 are creepy and/or mean something else. 6 says tasty as in food. 8 uses the word for devil/demon which is never positive, only offensive or scary. And 10 sounds like a serial killer/rapist about to attack

  4. Вкусно пахнешь? Is she edible?

    Приятно would be grammatically better, but boring. If you want to compliment something less robotic about her perfume would be nice.

  5. Then there’s the quantity over quality approach. A famous, albeit mythical, character, whose exploits shouldn’t be mentioned in mixed company, at least not while everyone is still sober, used a rapid, serial and very direct approach. Basically, naturally unbothered by any sense of impropriety, or, indeed, downright vulgarity, he came straight to the point. A friend (also mythical) once commented that one could earn a slap in the face like that. Not always, replied our hero.

  6. Also you can give to russian girls this heartwarming compliment — “Ты мне не нужна, я гей». It means “I need you so much, beauty”

  7. 1. Ty ochen’ kracivaya

    2. U Tebya ochen krasivaya ulybka

    3. Mnye nravitsya kogda ty ulybayesh’sya

    4. Mne nravitsya tvoy smyekh

    5. U tebya ochen krasivyy golos

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