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See tweet of world chess champion challenge Russian supergrandmaster Ian Nepomniachtchi re [Carlsen–Niemann controversy](

[]( which links to this telegram post []( and I think there’s meant to be a part 2 [](

I’m extremely familiar with [chess](, so I have a feeling it’s about openings or something. In particular, this drama involves the possibility that Hans Niemann somehow knew what opening line was Magnus Carlsen going to play (eg someone in Magnus’ team sold Magnus out to Hans…or eg Hans hacked into Magnus’ laptop or whatever), but I wanna know what exactly Nepo means to say with the phrase please.

Here are when Nepo uses this term ‘первой линии’ which google translate translates to ‘1st line’:

1. Ты выиграл партию, играя строго по первой линии!
2. Предположим, что и такое бывает, но гораздо, гораздо реже, чем в случае с отдельной партией по первой линии. Тут может помочь только статистика.
3. Ты выиграл онлайн-турнир, играя по первой линии!

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  1. I am not entirely sure since I am only learning russian myself but my hunch is that it might correspond to the english version «the main line», as in the theoretical main line? Which is a common enough expression in english to refer to what is considered best in a variation, of course. Would be nice to see if someone can corroborate

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