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I am confused about how I am tired and I was tired are both correct in this case.

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  1. The Russian and the English use a bit different constructs here. Устал is a verb. So it’s closer to ‘got tired’.
    Tired — уставший.

  2. This translation isn’t 100% correct.

    Exact unambiguous translation of that english phrase into russian would be something like «я была уставшей» or «я была уставшая», but it is noticeably longer. «Я устала» can have that meaning in a context, but we don’t have any context here.

  3. I don’t think «I was tired» is correct as translation of standalone sentence «Я устал».

    But in context, if you have something indicating that action takes place in the past, like «Я устал и **не мог** продолжать» — «I was tired and couldn’t continue» — it can go with «I was tired»

  4. Yes, устала из past tense but the sentence is about her present condition. Сейчас я устала or Сейчас я уставшая (The second one use the same grammatic constraction as in English — I am tired)

    Russian «Я устала» should be translated in English as «I am tired» or «I got tired».

    If we want to say about her yesterday feeling (I was tired (yesterday)) in Russian we will use something like «Вчера я была уставшая»/ «Я вчера так устала, что решила не прибираться в квартире»/»Я вчера устала и решила не прибираться в квартире»

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