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Not sure how this looks. not many tutorials that aren’t cursive.

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  1. Actually your handwriting is pretty good! 🙂 If I hadn’t looked closely, I would have thought that it’s native manner of writing.
    There’s just one thing: in everyday life we generally use cursive

  2. I’ve yet to meet a russian that doesn’t write in cursive of some kind, and I’ve lived here since birth. The best way to make it native is to learn cursive 😉

    For some reason people think it’s intimidating, but for me writing non-cursive is torturously long. It’s really worth it to learn.

  3. Letters with «legs» Д, Щ, Ц should firmly sit on baseline, with «legs» going below baseline.

    Lower horizontal stroke in Д should be considerably wider than so it doesn’t look like A.

    Big У should not cross the baseline.

    Your small б look like softsign ь, so б definitely needs improvement.

    Look here

  4. Looks good to me. Although it’s Ж as a vertical bar with two vertical arcs at the sides not two horizontal arcs. Kind of like this )|(

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