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started writing today, anything major that needs improving?

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  1. The biggest one is that horizontal strokes in д, ц, ш, щ should be on the line, not above it. And those little tails should hang below, not stand on the line.

  2. for the first time it’s very good, some people write like that all their lives speaking in Russian)))

    the only thing you can bring to the ideal letter «Д» — write how you draw a house

  3. Д is not good, its almost A, it’s legs should be under the baseline grid as the tail of Щ.

    I draw the capital Д this way
    Draw a horizontal line. You put Л он it. You get a «triangle» with the bottom side extending from both sides beyond the boundaries of the Л. Add the legs to them.

  4. Heights of letters and where they are relative to the line and the size/shape of capitals vs lower case letters. Your ь is in danger of being taken for a lower case б, which isn’t supposed to be a small Б, whereas В and в are correct but one should be half the size of the other.

    It’s easier to get them right from the beginning!

  5. I understand there was an alphabet in the sequence: upper case, lower case. Try to write lower case letters much less. About the fact that «Д» resembles «А» already written. And in general very well

  6. Watch this [video]( about the russian cursive and you will see that a lot of the letters are in fact very different in handwriting. You’ll also see an effective way to write them, so that your russian handwriting gets quicker and more natural.

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