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Help to comprehend old font

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  2. I tentatively tried to write it down as
    «а тьмь врьменемь пздец оврьталь фьеричный размахь»

    I’m not sure because I thought some «ь» should be instead «б» looking at the font, but with google translate the only way to have a meaningful translation is using just the «ь»

    can someone explain me what’s written there both in cyrillic and as a translation?

  3. Topical.

    It’s old orthography. Modern would be

    А тем временем пиздец
    обретал фееричный размах

  4. Somebody attempted writing in old orthography without checking the rules (e.g. the ‘i’ could be placed only before vowels and j, the yat letter does not belong to ‘фееричный’ because there are around 140 Slavic roots where it could belong etc.).

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