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This is our new little girl, we would like to find some Russian names to choose from. I don’t mind if it is written in Cyrillic or romanised, as some letters don’t have a translation.
Anything from famous cats, to fables, to just things you would name a pet cat like Murrka. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Люся (Lucy) — a common name for a cat in Russia, that was my cat’s name, but she died a few years ago 🙁
    Another example:
    Chata, Cleopatra (Kleo), Zabiyka (Забияка), Маркиза (The Marquise), Сима (Sima), Аля (Aly), Милка (Milka), Инна (Inna), Aos, Ася (Asy), Арфа (Arfa — Harp), Peleks, Аши (Ashi, but «i» is pronounced as «ы»), Шеда (Sheda), Смузи (Smuzi — Smuthies), Сёма (Syoma).

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