Could anybody please tell me what this means? Saw this today on a wall » NEWS 244

Could anybody please tell me what this means? Saw this today on a wall

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  1. The grammar is wrong. It should be слава России and not слава Россия.

    No idea what that K-like symbol is.

  2. I assume it’s “To the glory of Russia” but translated word by word by the worst translator in existence. The correct version would be «Во славу России» or just «Слава России»

  3. 90% chance it’s an edgelord armed with Google Translate who wanted to write «Glory to Russia».

    10% chance it’s a boy from Russia named Slava leaving his mark on the world.

  4. It means “Glory to Russia” though as someone pointed out the grammar is incorrect with the spelling of Russia. The K might be like a personal graffiti tag but I’m not sure

  5. Maybe its like «слава,россия» (With «,» in the middle,still this have zero sense but atleast something).Maybe K is the symbol of that «artist»,idk Коля,или Костя (i just trying to find sense here)

  6. Glory to Russia, which is a neo-nazi slogan (or at least it was in 2000s, not sure about now), with a grammatical error, and a one that a native speaker would not make. If it is Germany I would suggest Kz stands for Kazakhstan, so probably some Spätaussiedler kid trying to be oh so Russian.

  7. It is illiterate. It Could be Слава России! Glory to Russia.

    K actually is a coupled «V»&»Z»

    It Could be V Z Слава! Россия! — V Z Glory! Russia!

    Which doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

    Probably someone is ecstatic with patritism or someone got a task to make an impression of patriotic surge.

  8. Кажется там хотели написатьV zпросто краска с буквы v потекла и получилось Kz

  9. I think they tried to write, «glory to russia», but they used the wrong case for «Russia»(«Россия» instead of «России»). Either that or someone named Slava is Russia.

  10. Maybe it was Slava from Russia. And he (she) wrote his (her) name and where he (she) is from. Just some name and country. Ben US, for example.

  11. Assuming the K is meant to be the actual word «K» then the grammar is wrong. Not only that, pretty sure no russian person would write «л» with a flat top like that. Should look like «ʌ». 100% a non-native person trying to be edgy by spreading pro-russian government messages.

    Edit: I’m pretty sure the wiggly part on the K is just decor but it may be a ligature of K and Z, with the Z being a russian propoganda symbol. Maybe not though.

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