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Reading Russian literature be like

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  1. It’s all about peculiar and plural Russian renames and suffixes:

    Ivan (the main)

    Vanya (simple, Familiar)

    VanECHKA (tender, as from girlfriend

    VanUOK (tender, as from friends)

    VanYUSHA (adorable, as from Mom)

    VanKA (rude)

    Ivanich is a patronymic (your fathers name)

    Vano (rarely using as familiar slang)

  2. As a native, I have to look up characters mid-book if the author keeps switching to calling them by their name and patronimic. I can only remember names and surnames, cut me some slack! You guys are not alone haha

  3. Вы удивитесь, но в иностранных играх, фильмах, книгах Иванов ещë больше)

  4. The beauty is that it could be one character and the author showed the attitude of different heroes of the novel towards him. Also, in Russia there is an unspoken rule to use not to be repeated in every paragraph.

  5. I just came to the comments because my name is Ivan to see what people would say but it’s just about some book or movie

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