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Some people put sheets with Russian text on posts in Strasbourg, France

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  1. Some schizophrenic is looking for a translator from French and some like-minded people to create a pseudo-scientific organization. Nothing special.

  2. This is either some kind of joke I don’t get, or the person who wrote this is a weirdo.

    I’ll give a short summary here, but my Russian is not great, so if you really wanna know what’s going on, wait for someone else to comment. 🙂

    So this guy is looking for a translator RU — FR for some kind of project that has to do with psychology and the ideal human being… or something along these lines. Something about total silence as well. He already put up 5 000 of these signs, but only one person came forward. He’s very shocked that people are so frightened of the unknown and so lazy, that they’re only willing to work in fixed structures (and not in this weird-ass project, I guess?). Hourly pay will depend on the quality of the translation. He cannot state his phone number, because the phone is always turned off. but you can meet him every Tuesday and Saturday, 7 pm at the tram station Aristide Briand.

    Well, good luck then!!

  3. His cellphone is always off, but you can figure out what he looks like every Tuesday and Saturday at one particular transit stop. Once you find him, you can run into the sunset together where you can exchange thoughts on creation of the ideal man and woman via psych analysis.

  4. what the…
    how does he have so much time to spend every tuesday’s and saturday’s evenings waiting for people to show up (and apparently they rarely do)?

  5. This is weird how this guy is complaining that people are lazy and don’t want to work for him, but at the same time he can’t even learn the language of the country he lives in…

  6. Crazy man writes long crazy texts without any sence )))
    Just forget it.
    Or meet him every Tuesday or Saturday at 19 o’clock at the tram stop ‘Aristide Briand’

    Better to keep out

  7. I am surprised and dejected that people are lazy and afraid of anything new. I’ve posted 5,000 ads in Strasbourg for a translator and only one person showed up. Despite the fact that more than 10% of families in Strasbourg are in dire need of money and live from paycheck to paycheck (among such Russian-speaking inhabitants of Strasbourg that need money, there are many more than that). I thought that students would be more motivated, seeing as 25% of students also need money. But I was mistaken. Everyone is only willing to work as a subordinate in *predefined structures*. (If even the most motivated immigrants are afraid to take up anything new, what then of the ordinary people who grew up and live in poor countries that never leave their poor countries for rich ones?) For two years I have been trying to start a company to research human psychology. I propose doing interesting work *together* — *total silence*. I don’t know French and for that reason I invite the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Strasbourg to develop the archetypes for the ideal man and woman — more silence. Truly, the Russian speakers of Strasbourg are far from the ideal. As I have previously written, I do not know French and therefore have not found anyone to work with on translation and so I will continue to seek out a Russian-French translator. Payment by the hour will depend on the quality of the translation. I will not include my phone number as it is constantly turned off. Meetings in Strasbourg every Tuesday and Saturday at 7pm at the tram stop. Tram D «Aristide Briand»

  8. I’m about to type this up and post it around my small american town, then watch the town’s facebook page go nuts with ignorance and paranoia. Tbh I think this guy is an advanced level troll!

  9. Sounds like mlm or pyramid scheme, idk why. The text is written in quite a condemning manner like it tries to pity somebody.

  10. This whole ad is so suspicious, like this man is either delusional or just extremely inexperienced. I genuinely want to tell this guy to understand that this isnt how you get people involved in anything.

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